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Darren Instone

Posted by Adam 23 Sep 2019

Bucket list challenge

Hello, my name is Sara Brooks, and I’m am an employee of a domiciliary care company called Homeinstead Senior Care in West Yorkshire.

I have been caring and supporting a gentleman called Darren for a few months on a daily basis.

This is the person who I’m looking for your help and support with.

Darren is 52 years old, with multiple physical, mental and neurological conditions, which is why he needs outside agencies to provide help and support, in order for him to live a decent quality of life.

During the recent months there has been a noticeable change in Darren’s general health and he’s been in and out of hospital several times recently. A couple of weeks ago, Darren received the devastating news, that we all dread to hear, he was told that he had cancer. To compound the issue, there is no treatment available, due to the nature and development of the disease, it has spread into his stomach, intestine, bowel and recently appeared in his left leg. The only medical intervention available to him is increasing the amount of pain relief medication as his condition deteriorates, which is devastating to say the least…

This is the why I have decided to start this campaign, as I felt like I needed to be able do something for him, me and my colleagues, and Darren’s friends are all in agreement that we should try and make Darren’s last month’s as enjoying and fulfilling as possible. We have all encouraged him to make a bucket list, something that he had never ever thought about, like many of us. Reluctantly and cautiously he has embraced the idea and compiled a list of destinations that he would love to visit and activities that he would to take part in. Some of the destinations, in his eyes are pipe dreams, but we’ve told him, that if we don’t try we will never know, for example, one of his top destinations is las Vegas and whilst he is there, to take a helicopter ride through the grand canyon. This campaign will give Darren something more to think about rather than just his condition and stop him from dropping into deep depression and developing anxiety disorders, which he has a history of doing.

You may feel that the target is huge and excessive amount of money, but in reality, it’s not, when you take into consideration that due to Darren’s disabilities he can’t travel independently and will need a carer to support him wherever he goes 

Also, Darren, would only me to launch this campaign he if could donate 20% to charity. This would be split equally between Cancer research and The Real Junk Food Project, the latter is a charity that Darren is  actively involved with.

If you feel that you need clarify that this campaign is real and for a genuine cause, please feel free to contact my employer.

Please help me , make Darren’s last month’s as enjoyable as possible..